Favorite Things

No, I haven’t been watching The Sound of Music. However, this weekend and on into yesterday, I found myself taking pictures of some things that bring me joy.  And I figured that on a rainy work day like today, that would make a much better subject than grousing about—well, I’ll leave all the grousing unsaid.

Here, in no particular order, my collection of some favorite things:

The first hike of the year:

In Glenn Helen

and at Clifton Gorge, as well.

The theme of the hike was water: gushing, rushing, gurgling, living water.  Declaring that the still of winter is past, that the spring rains are coming and that soon, very soon, the buds hanging over the water will open.

Even as sparse as early spring is, with its dull browns broken only by green moss, there are beauties like gems–which are more beautiful for the way that they stand apart.  The red of buds, and a few stubborn leaves…

Reflecting on this, I am amazed at the Artist who arranged all that surrounded Jason and I during our hike.  His versatility never ceases to amaze: from stark contrasts of brown wood against jade waters and clear blue skies, to the riot of color and fullness to some with spring and summer.  In every season there is beauty, at times more easily seen than others, yet always there.

And then my attention to turned to food.  We grilled for the second time this year–making up for our lack of grilling presence by making two meals.

First up–a grill’s best friend: home-made hamburgers.

These were followed by a new recipe: Piri Piri chicken…

…which required a Portugese sauce which was simple to make, but we’re still figuring out…here it’s with jalapeños

The rest of the meal included other favorites…

The sweet dry smell of rice toasting as I sauteed it

and fresh strawberries which, combined with orange juice and honey, taste like summer already


Whenever I stop and enjoy the simple, beautiful things that are part of my daily life, the following statement comes to mind:

Remember the last few verses of 1 Corinthians 3: ‘For all things are yours…and ye are Christ’s; and Christ is God’s.’ Throughout all our personality we are God’s, and since God has made our whole selves, there is great joy in realizing who is our Creator.  This realization is to permeate every area and level of life.  In appreciation of beauty, mountains, poetry, knowledge, people, science–even in the tang of an apple–God is there, to reflect the joy of His presence in the believer who will realize God’s purposes in all things.

[Pete Flemming, as quoted by Elizabeth Elliot in Through Gates of Splendor]


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