“Just” a Sunday Afternoon

When I started this blog, I believe that I stated its purpose: to record a life in which I can find joy in God’s redemptive work through Jesus, including “daily-ness, laughter with friends and family, and times of contemplation.”  Looking over the last few posts, it seems that I’ve drifted towards contemplation more than anything.  Therefore, when I haven’t had time for contemplation–or at least enough time to think and then think about expressing the results of contemplation in public–I’ve posted little to nothing, which counts for much of the silence here.  I’m going to try to bring some balance in by attempting to document more of the first two categories: “daily-ness” and life with friends and family.  So, welcome to Sunday afternoon at the Rectors…

If anyone has talked to us for a bit, they know that we’re a bit obsessed with grilling, to the point that our grill is not allowed the winter hibernation that most grills go into.  Today we spent some time preparing what has become one of our favorite recipes, orange-ginger pork chops, from Weber’s Charcoal Grilling.  There’s just something about the aroma and taste of grilled food that simply beats out stove-cooked food.  Then, too, it somehow feels more laid-back and summery, allowing us to sit on the back porch and just enjoy a Sunday afternoon that has cooking food and spending time together on the schedule.

And then, the end result is quite nice…for the eyes and stomach.

So, yes, it has been a fairly quiet day, and that is a good thing.


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