The more things change…

This is my ride to work this summer. 



He rumbles and growls and wishes that he were back at a track day rather than providing the means for a five-minute commute to work.

It’s all due to this guy who replaced my dad as the #2 speed-dial on my phone (#1 came pre-programmed as “voicemail”). Same guy who asked me a fairly important question 4 years ago, to which I said, “yes!” Same guy who drives “my” Fit to his internship an hour away, leaving me to drive this rumbling beast to work.

And I like it. The sense of acceleration and grippy-ness is quite fun.

That such a statement would come out of my [mouth? fingers? keyboard?] would have been enough to shock the me-that-was five to six years ago.  But–wait!–there’s more.  Because of my relationship with Jason…

I now shoot with decent accuracy, and know that what I’m shooting is a 40-caliber Glock.

I [perhaps unfortunately] can recognize songs by Bon Jovi, and regrettably had “Livin’ on a Prayer” stuck in my head yesterday evening.

Cars are no longer non-remarkable means of transportation.  They are to be identified and analyzed (though my attention stops at design-related details).

I am trying to come to terms with the notion that you can have multiple first downs in a football games (though there’s not much more I can tell you).

I take some big-picture landscape photos now, rather than just concentrating on details.

I have learned what it is to be loved by someone who doesn’t necessarily have to [as I thought my biological family did] and who often has reason to walk away–but doesn’t, and who has therefore been instrumental in teaching me about God’s grace.

The last four years since I accepted Jason’s proposal of marriage have certainly been a time of change for which I am thankful.


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