Weekend Recap (1)

This past weekend had the perfect vacation-like blend of rest, sunlight, good food, and dear friends to share it with.

Saturday evening we drove over to Columbus to meet up with one of my closest friends, Kim and her boyfriend Aaron, who was in town for a few days.  Food was high on our list of priorities when we arrived, so after a momentary bout of indecision, we settled on Lashish the Greek.  I could gush quite a bit about this place: the savory meats we had, the hummus, the tangy tziki sauce, the welcoming chef/owner, and the Greek “chai” that he brought free of charge to end our meal.  My only regret was not bringing my camera along to document all of the above visually. Gushing done–but, seriously, if you are in Columbus, check it out.

We trundled back to Kim’s for a game of Settlers of Catan to allow time for digestion before continuing our culinary adventures with dessert. A few hours later, Kim emerged from a close competition as the triumphant underdog, to the surprise of all, even herself.

At that point Kim and I declared that we had waited long enough for ice cream, and so we set off for Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams in Grandview (and I remembered to bring my camera!).  Our first time at Jeni’s did not disappoint.

There we indulged in a variety of flavors. Pictured are a scoop each of Wildberry Lavender and Lemon and Blueberry on the cone, with Brown Butter Almond Brittle behind in the cup. Yum!

We sat, ate, enjoyed, laughed…and Jason took a picture of Kim and I together.

And, finally, just before saying our goodbyes, I got a picture of the glowing globes above us on the patio.

…And so ended a lovely evening spent with two good friends whom Jason and I both look forward to seeing again soon.

(Stay tuned for part 2, wherein  Jason and I make a paella, and continue our apparent plan to eat well all weekend-long.)


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