Midweek (and term) Reflections

The jury’s in: teaching English to teenagers who all have the same native language and whose minds are on vacation is my teaching kryptonite. That being said, I have another week and a half of teaching–six classes–until this painful experience ends.  Maybe by the time we’re waving goodbye I’ll have some idea of how to teach teens…maybe.

At any rate, the weekends have become my refuge.  The good thing about this three week summer term is that work doesn’t come home with me, so I can actually forget about it for the space of two days. Wonderful.  Truly wonderful.

Among other fun weekend activities, I got to spend time with a dear friend who will be leaving the states soon.  I arrived a bit early and just got to soak in some good coffee house atmosphere at Ghostlight and admire the swirls of milk mixing with the iced coffee I’d ordered.

Jason and I also partook in our weekly tradition of grilling.  This time we had entertainment in the form of a neighbor boy and the dog his family is watching.

And then there was this glimpse of a sunset sky.

I’m glad it’s Wednesday.  This week too shall pass, and the weekend to come, in which my family, newly arrived from visiting Valencia, Spain will visit, promises to be a good one!

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