Not Quite Goodbye

While I don’t like saying goodbye, I am happy for the opportunities that are taking my friend and (now former) coworker Melanie away from Dayton. She has been such a blessing to the groups of friends that she has gathered around her during her short stay here. I am sure that with her caring heart and relaxed, outgoing manners she will soon find more friends who will enjoy her companionship and encouragement!

In the meantime, those of us here in Dayton have been doing our best to make more memories with Melanie before she leaves. Just this past week, she, another close friend and coworker, Leah, and I had dinner together and then went to an evening of Jazz at the Dayton Art Institute. Before actually getting in and listening to the music, we were distracted by the process of getting a group picture (it’s amazing how hard it is for all 3 facial expressions to be favorable!) and the yarn-bombed trees in front of the museum.

The three of us, also known as the “photo group”

Colorful yarn bombing!



We finally entered the museum, and enjoyed the big band music played by the Dayton Jazz Orchestra.  Great music with a beat that just worked its way into you. During the intermission, I got some shots of the upper walls and ceiling of the Gothic Cloister.

It was a lovely evening. A good outing together before Melanie leaves. Although we said goodbyes and have continued doing so, I am glad that it’s not a final goodbye, as though Melanie were moving out of reach.  We have a few more times to see her, and Washington, DC isn’t that far away, either.






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