Something Borrowed

Well…perhaps more than borrowed: received. This necklace, which I became the possessor of due to the clothes-swapping culture among the women in my house church, is quickly growing from a style experiment to a favorite accessory.

That is the beauty of the clothing swap: sometimes,  by trying on clothing or accessories that have been culled out of another’s collection, I discover that something that I may have been afraid to experiment with when I saw a price-tag attached to it at the store actually fits with or even stretches my personal style.

This bird, dangling on a fairly long chain, is exactly that. While I don’t typically wear long necklaces, the bird fits in with a personal association with birds and flight (explained once in an old, old xanga post–remember those days?).  I suppose that I could say that it’s becoming a bit less of an accessory and more of a personal symbol–that I got as a “hand me down.”  Interesting how that works.


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