Cinci Roadtrip (1): Teak Thai and Mt. Adams

Jason’s mom came to visit us this weekend–and you can shelf your mother-in-law jokes because we truly had a great time with her.  Having her come made us research interesting places near us, which then led to two days of roadtripping.

On Friday, we drove to Cincinnati and first stopped in the Mt. Adams area of town to have lunch at Teak Thai.  A co-worker of Jason’s had recommended it and it did not disappoint!

The food, as you can see above, was great.  Also–unique among the places we commonly frequent–it was nicely decorated, with a pretty back porch open-dining area which the newly cool weather allowed us to enjoy.

Afterwards, we decided to explore the views around Mt. Adams. It has an artsy, well-maintained (for the most part) old neighborhood feel that I very much enjoyed walking through.

There were also some good views from a lookout spot at the top of the Mt. Adams stairs.

(see the roof porch?!)

Final verdict? The Mt. Adams area is definitely one that I would be up for exploring further sometime soon!


2 thoughts on “Cinci Roadtrip (1): Teak Thai and Mt. Adams

  1. Mt. Adams is definitely one of Cincinnati’s attractions, and a good place to spend an afternoon. Glad you enjoyed it!

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