Photo Session

Just a few days ago I was the excited recipient of the final results from a photo session that Jason and I had with our friend, Emily.

Emily’s photography (which you can see more of on her blog) has always appealed to me with its predominantly dreamy, romantic feel.  The colors tend towards the water-color spectrum, with bright whites, pale greens and blues, but with a pop of brighter hues.  There’s also an impressionist aspect to it (achieved through bokeh, sun flare and a generally soft focus) that suggests that a moment or a feeling is being captured beyond the contours of the image itself.

The pictures were taken at Glen Helen Nature Preserve in Yellow Springs.  It’s a beautiful place that we’ve hiked throughout the seasons, enjoying its changing views.

More than the beauty draws us there.  It’s full of memories of early dates; particularly, for me, of our first outing.  The one that I left for preparing to tell this non-liberal arts major that I wasn’t interested and returned from thinking that perhaps there something to this guy that I shouldn’t reject so quickly. (You can read more about that here, if you’re so inclined.)

And now memories of a happy almost-twilight evening spent walking through the Glen’s beauty with that guy, who is now my husband of 3 and a bit more than a half years, are recorded with an eye attuned to the beauty of the Greater Artist who formed it all.

All photos taken by Emily Ogden (Emily O Photography)


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