Hocking Hills Roadtrip

Here (at last) are the pictures from the second road trip we took with Jason’s mother.  The delay in posting is due to a sudden surge in activity as the term at the program in which I work started.  Two weeks later, 200 new students have been placed, 400 students have been sorted out into classes, and who knows how many students showed up to the wrong classroom. We (the teachers and administration) are now all very appreciative of a long weekend following a very long, long, long week.  And what better time to finally share some memories that have been hanging out in my computer?

One of the places in Hocking Hills which has captured my imagination since my parents brought me as a child has been the Rock House: a large open cavern-like area.  Here is a view from one of the openings:

From there we continued hiking through the different areas of the park.

Past trees,

Over crevices in the rock,

Past more trees,


and finally through a crack in the rock wall.

It was a great day for hiking–and a beautiful one to drive home through as well.







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