1st latte of the almost-Fall

Yesterday felt almost (almost!) like a cool rainy Fall day–the kind of day that I like to wear a scarf, and tights and boots with a dress, and carry a latte to warm my hands. It wasn’t quite cool enough for the scarfs, boots, etc., but it did seem like a good day to start ordering a latte rather than an iced coffee, which has been my summer staple.

stauffs latte

Sitting at Stauf’s with my family, all of us sipping coffee, talking about places worth seeing in Spain (should potential travel plans leave the realm of the potential), was just the balm needed yesterday.

It’s true that I like coffee, but I think that I like it all the more for the coffee shops I find it in, and the memories of countless conversations that have taken place there.


One thought on “1st latte of the almost-Fall

  1. The latte almost looks too good to drink! I agree with you, coffee shops are nice for the coffee, but better for the memories and associations.

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