Biking Escape

On this, the first weekend with really nice weather in a while, I actually–miraculously–had a weekend (I’m not sure if I should admit to that: teacher guilt & all).  Saturday, the last of my college roommates got married, meaning that all us college friends got one big reunion. It was so wonderful to catch up! Oh–and the bride and groom were quite happy as well… The wedding was followed by dinner with other friends, so it really felt like one big friend extravaganza.  At any rate, we had more contact with people than a normal weekend provides–and it was good.

With so much people time on Saturday, it was a fun contrast to just get away and enjoy the cool, non-rainy, temperatures.  We biked up past Yellow Springs under intermittently sunny and threateningly cloudy skies, past corn fields, cows and other farmland (until we got to the ghetto-y edge of Springfield and I suggested we turn back).  Some pictures from our mini-vacation of a weekend–well, from the ride at least:

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