Breath of Fresh Air

When I get busy, I often let the items of my to-do list take over, and forget that resting for a bit–getting fresh air in my lungs, or allowing my mind to relax–does more than endlessly plugging away at a project when my energy is ebbing away. Yesterday, thankfully, the allure of a cool autumn-like afternoon helped to pull me away for a break.  I’d just finished lesson planning for the week (for one course) and was dreading starting on a stack of grading.  So I went out for a walk–with my camera–for a chance to breathe fresh air, move my cramped legs, and let my mind work on something visual rather than words-focused for a change.

I’m glad I did.  The wooded area within the Hills and Dales metro park I visited was lovely: light and dark shades of brown contrasted against the vibrant green of leaves that still carry summer warmth and light inside of them.

There were beautiful late summer flowers along with the seed pods of flowers who had had their fun earlier.

Finally, on the trail home, I saw a glimpse of the Fall to come–flaming out in bright orange along paler yellow hues.


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