Doorknobs and keyholes

Life right now is like walking down a hallway lined with doors.  We walk up, look through the keyholes and imagine, based on the limited view through that opening, what life could be like in the room beyond.  Would we like it? Would it be a wise choice? Would another door that we’ve peeked through work better?

That kind of dreaming is fun, but then we hit serious questions: Do we have the key? Will what we’ve seen through the keyhole seem as nice once we’ve opened the door and stepped through?

This whole process of watching my husband go out to and come back from interviews is exciting, but so much more stressful than I had anticipated. I dream, worry, stop, breathe, pray…and then start the cycle again. The best I can do right now is to remember that the fact that Jason is graduating and therefore able to look for a good full-time position is all due to God’s provision and perfect timing.  It hasn’t been an easy journey, but He has shown Himself good and faithful–and has brought growth in us through the process. So I pray, “Your will be done and Your kingdom come.” He knows best.

(But, oh for grace to trust Him more!)

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