Chicago Weekend Roadtrip

Long weekends seem to be made for road trips, adding that one extra day which is so frequently wished for during normal two-day weekends.  A few weeks ago, a midterm break provided just that opportunity, and coincided with my sister-in-law’s visit from the far away land state of Texas. Thanks to the hospitality of a college friend of Jason’s, we were able to stay within walking distance of the Chicago hallmarks we wanted to visit. Here are some shots from our trip:

The view from Jason’s friend’s place. They look like miniatures from that height and with the looming parking lot behind.

(below) One shot (of many) taken on a Chicago architecture boat tour–highly recommended!

Chicago at twilight (also from the boat tour)

From our second day: A converging of old and new that I enjoyed seeing.

Amazing how remote the city seems from the end of Navy Pier.

A cold and windy day at the beach.

We did break for food more than a couple times–here’s some of what we had (at two different places)

The last two images are some of my favorites from the trip.  There’s a garden next to Millennium Park (or perhaps part of it…?).  It reminded me that as much as I love the sites and experiences to be found in a big city, I would most likely wilt if I lived there, and would need to live near a garden where even small elements of nature could be viewed as dwarfing the city–a reminder that though man makes and makes, it is only because he has a Maker who started it all.