Lashish the Greek: Yum!

Sometimes I just have to stop and rave a bit about a restaurant, especially a small, local (well to Columbus) place that I’d love see thrive.  After our great experience eating at Lashish the Greek this past summer, my husband and I decided to take my family there to celebrate my dad’s and brother’s birthdays. (This time, I remembered to bring my camera!) This second experience did not disappoint.

Three of us ordered the same kefta meal:

After my husband ordered a shwarma meal which came with a side of hummus,

the rest of us had to order hummus as well.

This is, to date, the only hummus that I’ve continued to eat with a fork after I’ve finished off the accompanying pita bread.

After we’d finished, we were treated to complimentary tea and an anise-flavored cake.

What thoroughly rounded off the experience for us was that the owner was present, checking on the diners and answering questions about the food.  He seems genuinely passionate about his food and on sharing that passion with his customers, whom he treats like guests.  There’s a special place in my heart for small, well-maintained restaurants, and Lashish the Greek has definitely made its way in.


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