Savior, Pilot Me


A dear friend lately introduced me to the hymn after which this post is titled.  I heard her descriptions of the song’s lyrics and mentally noted that I need to come back to it.  However, I didn’t–not until another (mutual) friend compiled a playlist which included a musically reinterpreted rendition by Wayfarer [check them out at Noisetrade].

The first stanza sung by Wayfarer goes:

Jesus, Savior, pilot me
Over life’s tempestuous sea;
Unknown waves before me roll,
Hiding rock and treacherous shoal.
Chart and compass come from Thee;
Savior, pilot me.

Other stanzas follow, yet the last two lines from the first stanza are what resonated (melody and words) in my head and heart.  It’s so easy to think that based on my own experience I can navigate my own life (whose future is unknown to me even though I may be oh so confident of what I think will happen).  Nevertheless, I can’t go on feelings–they deceive far too often.  The only sure map and determiner of location are found in the instruments provided by God: the leading of the Holy Spirit through the Bible, prayer, and Christian fellowship.  I am thankful for those–and all the more for the Pilot from whom they come–as I continue on this voyage.


(photos are of the Santa Maria replica in Columbus, Oh)


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