Columbus (by the river)

We (my family and I) celebrated my father’s and brother’s birthdays almost two weeks ago, and I am now getting around to picking through and editing the rest of the photos from our time together.  I realized upon going through my photos, that I regrettably did not get many pictures of the birthday guys.  Except this one, captured as they did a last minute run across an intersection (that red glare behind them is a flashing “Do not walk” sign):


Most of the pictures are of the fairly newly constructed river walk area by the Scioto river that runs through downtown.


I’m no urban planner, but I do like how the city laid out the walkway and its fish-themed fountains.




The detailed ornaments for the bridge posts are definitely worth stopping and considering.


As the day moved from twilight to evening, the lighting added a nice touch to the downtown fountains, bridges, and buildings.  After this, my first time back downtown since I was in high school, I’ve got to say that I’m fairly impressed with the way that this area has developed since I moved to Dayton.





Not bad, Columbus.


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