Authors as friends

The mug above, which reads “Choose an author as you would a friend,” is my mug of choice for my morning tea.  And not just because of the fact that it’s big enough to cover my face when I drink out of it.  The quote resonates.  Being a fairly active reader (and a one-time English major), I’ve read quite a variety of authors.  You could say I’ve had quite a few acquaintances.  However, there are authors whose work stays with you.  Authors whose writing I’ve returned to for comfort, instruction, enjoyment, reminders of truth and beauty… many of the bonds that we have with our closest friends.  In fact,while I’ve never really had an official mentor, I can name off authors who have had that role in my life.  Works by a few of such author-friends are represented in the picture above.  Two of them (C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien) are especially dear to my heart, so it was a great delight to find an hour-long conversation between authors Alan Jacobs and ND Wilson about the imaginations of Lewis and Tolkien.  See the video below if you’re interested.

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