Thanksgiving elements

As I’ve reviewed the photos taken Thanksgiving afternoon/evening, I’ve realized that I didn’t capture much of the action.  Noticeably lacking is documentation of our feasting, our discussions, or our game of Settlers of Catan, mostly due to the fact that, well, I was busy having fun.  There are times to set the camera down–to be in the moment rather than interpreting that moment through a camera’s view-finder.  And so here are few photos taken at my uncle’s house while I was staying (mostly) out of the way of the many cooks that were in the kitchen.

The table was set and ready for the feast when we arrived.

After taking a few photos, I moved on to taking photos of the rest of his decor–some of it seasonal,

and some part of a more permanent collection:

a painting he composed on marble, displayed with an arrangement of pussy willows,

and a candle in a metal lantern.

Although I was rather remiss in my documentation of the abundance of food brought out, the colors on a relish platter did catch my eye while I was still in a photographing (as opposed to a “let’s eat now”) mood.

Finally, I did get a shot of one of the revelers, settling down in post-dinner contentment by a cheerful (electric) “fire”.


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