What seems to be a veritable season of celebration starts today–and I’m not just talking about Christmas.

anniversary flowers1

Yesterday marked four years of marriage for us.  Four years of learning what loving each other means, and of seeing how God has brought us through challenges and joys together.  Words fail me to express how thankful I am for Jason and how we’ve been able to come through all the events of the last few years together.

The flowers are ones that he picked up for me yesterday (incidentally, except the larger lilies, they are the same kinds of flowers that were in my wedding bouquet).

anniversary flowers3

anniversary flowers2

Even though our anniversary was yesterday, we plan on actually celebrating today since Jason had a final exam yesterday (his last!) and I was grading student essays.

And that brings me to yet more cause for celebration: Less than hour ago, I finished the last bit of grading I have to do for the foreseeable future.  Jason’s graduation and acceptance of a new job opened the way for me to quit the job I’ve had for the last four years.  I will likely miss the interactions with motivated students, but I highly doubt that I will miss the grading load.  While it’s been long expected, I still find it difficult to actually feel like I have quit, even with all the goodbyes this week.  As part of the goodbyes, my coworkers (whom I will miss) took me out to lunch and presented me with a booklet that one had created and that all had filled with anecdotes and quotes common to our classroom experiences.


Now vacation stretches ahead of me–without the dreaded “back to the grind” feeling at the end.  Though it may take a while for that knowledge to sink in, I’m looking forward to when it finally does — and to figuring out what “normal” will be in the new year.


2 thoughts on “Celebrating

  1. I’m so happy for you!!! I’m celebrating with you, and I actually can hear and see the fireworks going on in the background 🙂 Ha, ha!
    Love to you and Jason as you celebrate your fourth aniversary.

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