What you see below is a portion of the appetizer course from a veritable feast that we had yesterday in honor of El Dia de los Reyes (Three Kings’ Day).  When I say feast, I mean it!  We were eating from about 3 in the afternoon to 7:30 in the evening.

2-reyes spread

After filling ourselves up on an amazing selection of seafood, cheese and meat, we were given the first course (soup) and a second course (meat with a side). I didn’t get any pictures of those because, well, I was too busy eating.  This was followed by three desserts: flan with fruit, a chocolate pie, and the traditional Reyes dessert: a roscon de Reyes.  This one was made by my cousin Raquel.


Inside the Roscon, there are two surprises: a bean and a prize.  The goal is to get the prize and avoid the bean (traditionally, the person who gets the bean has to pay for the roscon.  I managed to get the prize and was given a make-shift crown to celebrate this fact.


All in all a fun time.


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