Hello from Madrid! After saying our goodbyes to my family in Valencia (whom I’m missing already), we boarded an AVE (high-speed) train.  An hour and a half later (mostly filled watching varied landscapes flying  past our windows), we arrived in Madrid.

2-from the ave

3-from the ave2


Since our stop in Madrid is fairly short, we have done our best to put our time here to good use.  First, we stopped for lunch at the Restaurante Puerto Rico, where we ordered a rice dish with seafood.

4-rice and lobster


From there we rolled trundled off to the Sorolla museum (housed in the painter’s former residence) and then to the Prado, where we stood in line for a bit, waiting for the free admission that starts at 6 pm.  Both of the museums were definitely worth going to.  While given our time constraints, we weren’t able to explore all of the Prado, it was neat to see paintings in person which I’ve only seen small prints of in textbooks or online.



We ended our day out with churros and hot chocolate from the Chocolateria San Gines.  A healthy dinner, to be sure (but it was all we had room for after that lunch!).



3 thoughts on “Onward

  1. The food looks delicious, but I wander what made you decide to choose el Restaurante Puerto Rico… in Spain 😉 just wandering… ha, ha!
    Thanks for all the beautiful pictures!

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