A Gaudi Day

I have wanted to see Gaudi’s architectural work in person for some time now–and today was the day for that. We devoted ourselves to seeing as many Gaudi sites as possible today: Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell, the Block of Discord, and La Pedrera.  My camera was put to good use today.  However, in the interest of time (we still need to plan some things for our excursion out to Montserrat tomorrow), here are just a couple shots from today.

Sagrada Familia is amazing inside and out.  For Jason and I, though, it was the inside that stunned us.  I’ve seen pictures and watched travelogues about this structure, but none of that truly captures the space, light, and color of the cathedral.  That is what really sets it apart from the dark and cramped feeling cathedrals we’ve toured so far.  While in other cathedrals I’ve felt claustrophobic, in Sagrada Familia, I had the more relaxed feeling of being in nature, which I think was one of Gaudi’s goals.  That all being said, here is one small view from the inside:

1-sagrada familia

We ended the day at La Pedrera, where we started our tour on the roof, proceed to the attic, and toured the museum apartment before backtracking to the roof to enjoy it in its night-time state.

2-pedrera evening2


One thought on “A Gaudi Day

  1. Looking forward to seeing more pics. of La Sagrada Familia and geting the “bigger picture” of it.
    But I love the contrast of the night sky and city lights at La Pedrera.

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