The best part

We’ve now been back home for almost a week.  Even such a short time makes it difficult to believe that just over a week ago, we were in Barcelona.  But we were, and here we are back in a rather chilly Ohio.

Since we’ve returned we’ve been able to see or talk to family and friends, who have asked frequently asked us what our favorite part of the trip was. It’s difficult to sift through three weeks of experiences to find one “favorite” moment; however, the main thing that I’ve been grateful for after this trip is the chance to reconnect with family that it afforded.  It was wonderful to spend time with relatives that I haven’t seen in person since I was a teenager–and to spend more time with those whom I had been able to see briefly in the intervening time. I certainly hope that we can continue to keep in touch in spite of the distance.

The evenings with the aunt and uncle we stayed with, dinners with my other aunt and uncle and cousins, holiday feasting, outings, small family gatherings, and learning a bit more about our family when my aunt gave me a tour through her family photos (some shown in the featured image for this post) were all precious to me, . However, as I’ve been (slowly) sorting through the photos I took over the course of our trip, I’ve realized that there are few family shots.  This, I’ve realized, is mostly due to the fact that, when it comes to photography–especially when it comes to photographing people–I can either be in the moment or be focusing on trying to a get a good shot.  Perhaps it has something to do with my level of experience or comfort with photographing people.  At any rate, it seems to me that as wonderful as it can be to capture a moment in such a way as to revisit it, it’s even better to live the moment through my senses and not through the lens of a camera. Though I may have few photos to show for it, there are many such moments–beautiful ones–stored as sense, and sound, and emotion in my memory.

My aunts and cousins seeing Jason and me off at the train station

My aunts and cousins seeing Jason and me off at the train station

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