Snow Day


Nope–no longer near the Mediterranean. The snow has been descending all morning in steady, quiet, undramatic flakes, softly covering every conceivable surface and turning a generally unremarkable five minute drive down the road into something of an adventure.  Having had my adventure, I returned home and decided that as I was already bundled up, a few more minutes spent outside wouldn’t hurt.

The snow has piled as high as it can on our fence posts, and dressed up the corner post with a white ruff.

1-fence up close2

7-fence post_BW

Small plants’ leaves bring spots of color to the otherwise white ground, while the lacy outlines of frail, brittle seed pods on twigs from less hardy specimens are highlighted by the contrast of the snow.

6-bush 3

3-snow seeds 2

2-snow seeds

4-seed & twig abstact2


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