Winter Walk

Perhaps the title is a bit misleading. A winter walk was my intention when I was lured outside by a flicker of sunlight.  However, after carefully making my away around the snowed-over path surrounding the the frozen pond, I decided that it was too cold of a beauty for my feet to withstand.  Next time I’ll put on warmer boots, because it truly was beautiful.  The frozen white calm of the clearing where the pond is shone out bright against the tall dark lines of surrounding trees.  Every now and then a weak winter sun and patches of blue sky added further contrast.  Then, too, there was fun of finding new patterns and shading created by the fallen snow and of discovering the nooks and crannies that the snow had worked its way into.  Even though I have been to this park so many times, walking this small portion in the snow was a bit like discovering another facet of its personality.



















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