Watercolor Turnips

Art is probably not the first concept to pop into your head if I mention turnips, is it?

Over the last month, I’ve been enjoying a new found freedom from a rather demanding job.  One of the ways I’ve been enjoying said freedom has been in trying out new recipes, including those with ingredients that I haven’t cooked with before.  When I chose a recipe for roasted root vegetables, I hadn’t ever cooked with turnips (much less eaten them knowingly). Viva la aventura. Therefore, when I went shopping, I didn’t exactly know where to look for them, and was also somewhat surprised by what I saw when I found the bin labeled “turnips.”  Instead of something brown and prosaic, there were what looked like fishing bobbins that had been watercolored purple rather than painted the traditional red.



This is one of the things that I love about creation: that something which grows in the dirt and is rarely seen can have been treated with an artistic wash of color!


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