Travel Recap: Barrios Viejos

A large number of spaces in Valencia could fall under this category.  However there are two in particular that stood out to me during our visit: Campanar and the Barrio del Carmen.

Campanar is a (one-time outlying) town that was absorbed by Valencia as the city grew.


The houses are well-maintained and colorful and give you the feeling of its still being a small town, rather than a pocket in a large fairly bustling city.  In fact, the empty streets on the morning of New Years day made it feel like we were walking through a model town representing the ideal of a pueblo. Click on the thumbnails below for a few more details from Campanar.

The Barrio del Carmen more recently became a trendy spot for (mostly) young professionals in Valencia.  It has a quaint collection of shops and restaurants that attract more and more people as the evening moves into night.


Many of the buildings have been updated, though here and there you’ll spot older fascades in need of renovation, some covered in green mesh to make sure that nothing falls on the heads of bypassers.


Other buildings showcase impressive wall art (graffiti?).


Look through the gallery for more images from the Barrio del Carmen.


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