Early Spring View

Rain, snow, and general blustery-ness have been the order of the day.  Midwestern spring at its fitful best.  Although I have made my way outside today (twice), my instinct now is to hibernate—on the couch, under a throw.

However, the truth is that, fitful as it may be, spring is coming.  For a few weeks now, I’ve been seeing glimpses of small yellow flowers (aconites, I think) here and there.

08-aconites and leaf

Then a couple of days ago, the blues skies and light of a sunny day that promised spring weather drew me outside.



05-climbing ivy


 A stone stairway flanked by ivy-wrapped trees led to squelching muddy paths in a small park I rarely frequent.  This park, however, must be in a warmer, milder patch of ground, because while other parks in our area still look wintery, this one was alive with the green shoots and buds of early spring.  What a beautiful surprise!

03-green shoots

10-new growth


06-blue flowers

09-snow drops




07-aconites on a hill


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