Travel Recap: El Bus Turistic (Part 1)

This post should probably be titled: “A Bit of This and That,” because that is what an excursion on the Valencia tourist bus gives you.

05-3 bus tour2

La Plaza de Torros (bull ring)

When we went, we bought a tourist package that included the bus tour along with  admission to attractions at the City of Arts and Sciences.  In the end, our consensus was that the tour is nice if you have a limited amount of time in Valencia and want to see all the major sites fly past you (and if you’re more patient with the finicky audio equipment than we were).

06-4 bus tour3

Valencia’s main train station

It’s not as nice if you want to hop on and off a lot (and a bit less than convenient than having a fairy-god-mother aunt who supplies you with bus passes around the city).  All the same, it did take us to some areas that we might not have explored had we not seen them on the bus route, like the port area.

22-17 dockside dining

Port-side dining

That’s here, in Part 1.

However, we did eventually jump ship, and stumbled across some sites that weren’t available from the bus. That’s in Part 2 (stay tuned).

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