Travel Recap: El Bus Turistic (Part 2)

As I mentioned in my previous post, we eventually jumped ship and decided to continue our tour of Valencia on foot.  Map in hand, we began our walk from the IVAM (Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno–Modern Art Museum) to the Serranos towers.  Jason is an avid fan of shortcuts, so we ended up walking through fairly quiet backstreets.

31-27 backstreet

This led us to encounter some impressive graffiti art, and to meet a man we dubbed our tour guide.

30-28 graffiti

33-31 tourguide

This little old man saw us puzzling over our map at one point and helped us settle the question of whether we were going in the right direction towards Serranos. He then proceeded to walk alongside us and direct us to interesting details, like a small “cat house” in a wall.

32-32 casa de gatos

We also received a recommendation for a small (and free!) museum known as El Museo del Carmen.  After asking if my accent in Spanish was because I was Italian (which I took as a compliment–better than being instantly pegged as American), our tour guide left us at the door of the museum and went on his way.

34-36 museo de El Carmen_old

38-33 museo de El Carmen4

39-35 museo de El Carmen5

46-39 museo del Carmen_blasco ibanez

“sarcophagus” of Blasco Ibañez

37-38 museo de El Carmen3

After spending some time at the museum, we too continued on our way to Serranos, passing a church with an imposingly tall facade that caught the evening light as it slanted over the city.

41-29 church

40-30 church at an angle


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