Pops of yellow

For about a month now, Ohio weather has been promising Spring but delivering Winter.  A few weeks ago (following what I hoped was the last snow of Winter), these little aconites could be seen defying the snow around them.

1-aconites in snow


2-aconite in snow


Now, a few snow showers and a heavy snow fall later, the aconites are gone, and we find ourselves in the dead period between the emergence of small flowers like aconites and crocuses and the larger show stoppers, such as daffodils.  Tired of the white and drab, I made it a point to buy some daffodils from Trader Joe’s when I saw bunches of the cut flowers advertised.



The bright yellow was a beautiful contrast to not only the white outdoors, but also the white walls of our apartment (I refuse to paint apartment walls!).


Then we discovered that my husband is allergic to daffodils, and they were unceremoniously ushered out of our home–but the flowers were lovely to look at while it lasted!  Oh how I’m looking forward to Spring!


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