Travel Recap: La Albufera Revisited

11 abufera view

Valencia’s Albufera may well be my favorite location of the many that we saw while in Valencia this past winter. While we were in Valencia, I provided a quick peak into the many photos that I took of the Albufera, along with a brief explanation of its significance to Valencia (see it here if you missed it), so I won’t repeat myself in this post. What I will be doing in this post is giving you the opportunity to see why it is such a favorite of mine.

One of my cousins knew of a man who gives boat tours of the Albufera, “El Tio Pastilla,” so she set up an appointment for us, drove us out, and joined in the tour.

1 tio pastilla

2 tio pastilla2

3.1 all in the boat

3 albufera shoreline

3.2 view from boat

Once we were out in the middle of the lake, there was such a sense of peace.  Suddenly the natural world made the city look tiny.  Water and sky  stretched out to meet each other before us.

16 sky and water

15 reflected city

15.5 city of arts & sci from distance

La Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias is just barely visible: look for the white bridge.

14 ripples away from shore

Since we were there during a low point for tourism, we only passed two other boats–these manned not by tour guides, but by men who had lived alongside the Albufera all their lives. For the rest of our trip, we mostly just saw a variety of waterfowl.

4 boater

3.3 from the boat

6 birds_albufera

8 birds in a row

7 bird outline

The Albufera reminded me that while I enjoy exploring cities, my heart is most alive when I am outside of the city, enjoying the beauty of creation. I’m glad to see that even with the development of new areas in the last couple decades, spaces like this are being preserved.

18 canas3


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