Reflections [Project]

1-kitchen watercolor2

A few weeks ago, I read an article recommending that photographers have a sort of on-going project to keep them developing their personal photography.  The author described it as a sort of photographic sketchbook–studies that might just be an exercise worthwhile in itself, but that might also inspire more public works.  This particular author chose the theme of “three” as the inspiration for his project, taking pictures of objects that showcased the idea of “three.”  After I finished the article, I let the idea percolate at the back of my mind. Finally, I decided to try out a theme of “reflections” for my own photo sketches.

Reflections seem to exist to remind us that the world is not as straight forward as our senses would lead us to believe.  They–the reflections–help us to imagine and to re-see the world around us since they bring sights to us from a different perspective, in a different place than we would expect them.  Prior to the moment I noticed the reflection captured above, I had, for instance, never really noticed the lines of the window above my sink in their parallels before, nor the pleasing curves and contrast of the steak knives that were leaning out over the edge of the dish drainer. Neither have I considered this kitchen as the subject for a water color, but there are the colors, glowing out of a reflection, the edges soft and flowing.

Yesterday, my focus suddenly shifted, and I realized that the glare on my laptop screen was really the peak of the house next door, with a back drop of blue (blue!) sky interrupted by wisps of clouds.  The laptop screen was no longer a conduit to electronic communication, but really a window to the outside, to remind me of the heavy, real, natural beauty that is so much larger.

2-window to the outside


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