The Joy of Cookie

Allow me to introduce you to some guests from “The Joy of Cookie.”

1-perched owls_ee

Becky, their creator, designs, bakes and decorates these almond-flavored sugar cookies to match the themes of the occasions they are made for.  She’s also a dear friend, and it has been wonderful to see how she has been turning a creative outlet into a business.  So, when I was given the chance to help by photographing a selection of her creations (this is just a sampling of the different designs I’ve seen), I was quite happy to eat photograph some. (Click on the thumbnails below to see the pictures in a larger format)

No cookies were harmed in the process of photographing them.  I can’t, however, speak for their fate afterwards.  This may give it away, though: they were delicious! This is from someone who apart from these cookies, professes a dislike for sugar cookies–it’s the almond flavoring and texture that makes Becky’s special.  If you’re in the Dayton, Oh area and interested, look up “The Joy of Cookie” on Facebook!


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