Weekend Hike

Weekend hikes with Jason pretty much top my “favorite things” list.  Exploring the beauty of creation and getting to share that with my closest friend? Yes, please.

Between the weather and a long, dogged house search, we haven’t had much time for such hikes, but thankfully this weekend opened up and the weather cooperated, and so off we went to explore Glen Helen.


This time, instead of simply looping around the falls and spring,  we ventured further down (or was it up? I’m not good at directions) the stream below the falls.

Past slopes of trilliums,


Stopping by the stream to skip rocks [Jason] and to enjoy the bright green of fresh grass [me],

4-rushing stream

5-skipping rocks

8-stream grass

Until finally arriving at the pine forest, an isolated stand of pine trees.  We walked out of the bright confusion of competing green underbrush into a spacious colonnade,  eyes traveling up the trees, taking in the austere beauty.


7-pineforest_looking up




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