Odds and Ends

Inspired by a friend’s recent post, here’s a peak into my life, specifically some of what I’m enjoying right now:




The eye-enthralling array of colors that is Spring finally settling in.

Sunlight. Pure joy.

Days that are warm enough to make sitting on the back porch a pleasure again.


Hikes and walks that are filled with birdsong.

Fresh seasonal fruit.  Right now? Strawberries!


Getting back to my lit major roots by participating in an online discussion of Leif Enger’s So Brave, Young and Handsome.  I’d almost forgotten what it was like to savor a book and not just race through it to find the end of the plot, but the questions and discussions are bringing me back.


2-inchworm abstract

1-crawling worm

Playing with free-lensing. It’s what I do when I hit a “stuck” point with my current set up and don’t have the budget to change it up. (Yes, I experimented with pictures of a stick and an inchworm)

This sermon by Tim Keller, “Born into Hope“. Definitely worth a listen. Really.

Audio books while cleaning the house & packing up to move. So far, I’ve listened to the Hunger Games, Team of Rivals, and reacquainted myself with the first two Harry Potter books. Fellowship of the Ring is next.

I could go on, but I’ll stop there because, well, there’s a sink full of dishes that I probably should tackle.  At least I can visit the Shire at the same time.

As my friend did, I’ll extend the same question to you: What have you been enjoying?

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