Following the Stream’s Course

14-forked stream

One of the great beauties of this spring is the abundance of flowing water, from small streams in the nearby Dayton metroparks to the gush of waters through the gorge up at Clifton.  A few mornings ago I walked out to Houk Stream in Oakwood, and spent some time scrambling down off the trail and among the rocks scattered along and through the stream. Below you can see a few snap shots of the stream’s progress.  I hope something of the life of this stream is communicated by the pictures, even if the music of the flowing water cannot be conveyed through them.

The downward plunge

The downward plunge


10-stream_downward plunge2


Pooling and gaining force

Leaping out in a rush

Leaping out in a rush

06-stream cataract3

Flowing out silk-smooth

Flowing out silk-smooth


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