Well, we’re now about one week from our closing date and a tiny bit over two weeks from our actual move date. Being that close to it means that packing needs to start, and yet also means that I can’t just put everything in a box, since we still need to live somewhat comfortably for the next two weeks.  With that knowledge, I’m screwing up my resolve and taking the decorations down first.

packing 2

I guess I can live with bare white walls and mini blinds for two weeks. At least better than I can without plates and silverware.  Most of our books were packed a couple weeks ago.  It seemed like a pretty safe thing to pack early since I have been working my way through about two new books and two rereads.  However, it didn’t take long after the last box of books was taped up to realize that I really wanted to reference a G.M. Hopkins poem and that there was one John Donne poem in my old Lit anthology that I really must revisit–on paper, not the internet. Ah well–two weeks.

packing 3

Two weeks.  Until we move to the Cinci area, which isn’t that far at all, but which is far enough to necessitate looking for a new church family to fellowship with, far enough to make visiting friends a more intentional and (given the price of gas) costly venture. Far enough to include almost all of the challenges of relocation.  I realize it’s the next adventure in our story, and that perhaps I’m getting a bit melodramatic about it, but still…

I’m glad that when we understand God as infinite, it means that He not only cares and and is close to a friend dealing with cancer, but that He cares and understands my anxieties about moving (which are so small next to what my friend and her family are facing).  As the author of our stories, His loving purpose is behind each plot twist, step by step guiding us to the end: Him.

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