Travel Recap: Madrid in 12-ish hours (Part 1)

After a month-long distraction thanks to Spring (colors! sunlight! warmth!), the travel recap is back–and no longer in Valencia.  We moved onto Madrid following our two weeks in Valencia. Although we spent two nights in Madrid, we really only had the afternoon of the day we arrived and the morning of the day we left to explore the city itself.  (The day in between was spent in Toledo.) As a result, we spent perhaps twelve or so hours as tourists in this city.

Our first afternoon to evening in Madrid was framed by food.  We had arroz con brogavante at the Restaurante Puerto Rico before setting out on a whirlwind tour of museums.

1 rice and lobster

First up was the museum set up in Joaquin Sorolla’s house.  This was a priority for me since Sorolla was not only an impressionist painter with a beautiful expression of color and light, but the color and light he portrayed is Valencia’s.  Many of his paintings depict life along the coast in Valencia, often highlighting the life of the fishing population.  The photos below, however, are just of the garden surrounding the house, since photography of the interior was not permitted.

After promising Jason that I would make a bee-line for paintings that I particularly wanted to see (rather than wandering aimlessly), we headed over to the Prado and stood in a line for the free evening admission.

7 prado

8 prado2

9 prado_velasquez

On our way out, we passed one of Madrid’s churches (La Iglesia de San Jerónimo el Real), beautifully illuminated.

10 cathedral at night

Our evening closed with churros y chocolate.

11 churros y chocolate

Stay tuned for our second half day (coming up…)


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