Grill Master


For most of the northern USA, this past Memorial Day weekend marked the start of the grilling season.  Our grill alone was not brought out of hibernation–simply because it was never put away for the winter.  We enjoy grilled food so much that this past winter we had some type of grilled meal every week.  That Jason braved the cold and snow is a testament to how much this Texan loves to grill.  His love of grilling certainly comes from his father, who can worthily wear the title of “grill master.”  While I can’t speak for my father-in-law, I do believe that, for Jason, the attraction of grilling is not simply due to the flavor of the meat that comes off of a charcoal grill.  It’s the live fire aspect that draws him in: the tall flames reaching high into the air when he starts the coals.  Though they eventually die down into tame-seeming glowing coals, there’s still an element of adventure to grilling for my husband.


Do you know a grill lover? Prints and cards are available at my Redbubble shop (and just in time for Father’s day!).


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