The Wind That Blows…

…is beautiful, but makes for tricky photography.

windy grass

blue stars

In between gusts, I was able to get a few shots of late spring flowers blooming along the pond at Hills and Dales Metropark.

iris & pond

yellow flowers

If only these were celebratory “now I have time to blog” shots! The truth is that the house is still littered with moving boxes, but there are fewer now than a week ago–and more confined to specific, more out of the way places.  Among other things, I have found what I believe are all of our shoes, and “in a box” is becoming a less frequent answer to my husband’s queries about the location of an object he needs.  Between this, figuring out a new location, and a project, posting may be a bit sparse over the next week or so (though I do have some more photos from just before the move that I hope will make their way up here soonish).  Hope your June is off to a good start!

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