The more things change…

One of my college roommates once described me as being a hobbit–and she was right.  Though I am fairly tall and do not have hairy feet, and though a “Tookish” side does occasionally flare out and lead me into adventures that are sometimes smaller, sometimes larger, I am a creature of habit. I like there to be a calm and a decent level of routine in my home life.

Moving is anathema to a hobbit-ish soul. Suddenly the daily things–finding a spoon, getting bread from the grocery store, even taking a shower–things which should be immune to the discomforts of adventure, are not so dependable.  The spoon is in a different drawer, grocery shopping takes twice to three times as long (at the same chain store–unbelievable!), the shower head is set up so that the water shoots out straight into my face. Yes, I’m laughing at myself too.  These are some of the silly small things that I didn’t expect having to relearn until the ease and comfort returns.

And so, while I’m realizing that “taming” a new home is an adventure in itself and that there is a joy in discovering new things both in an around our home (a beautiful bike trail for one!), I am enjoying some small comforts that have continued, like a leisurely breakfast of oatmeal with tea,

oatmeal and tea

coupled with the new experience of looking out the living room window and seeing the leaves of our magnolia tree, leaves gilded by early morning rays and gemmed over with rain from the night before.

morning window

gemmed magnolia


3 thoughts on “The more things change…

  1. “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose” . . . one of the few things I remember (sort of) from my high school French. Glad you’re finding the humor and the hidden charms!

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