Discovery: Bike Trail

morning bike ride

When we first considered moving to what is now our home, the city girl in me did not like the idea of living in a subdivision, almost as far out into the suburbs surrounding Cincinnati as you can get.  But I went with it, and now am finding some perks of this location.  The biggest one, the one that has made me the happiest about our move (thus far), has been the discovery of a bike trail nearby.

bend in the trail

In the last week I’ve gone several rides, today in the morning.  I love the cool flow of moist morning air, the tone of the sunlight at that hour of the day, how wooded the path is, and the way it winds along the riverbank.  This morning I startled a doe as I rode past.  In the past, I’ve been more partial to hiking, but I think biking on a path is growing on me.  Without having to keep an eye on my footing, it gives me a chance to think and pray while getting out the “jitters” that so often interfere with those activities.

mist & sunlight

river view

lebanon trail bridge

(Not pictured: the more dedicated bicyclists that I inadvertently got in the way of while snapping photos.)

There is one landmark along the trail that puzzles me.  At one point, the trail passes what seems to be an abandoned warehouse or factory with an ornate chimney.  Any ideas what it was?

chimney stack2


2 thoughts on “Discovery: Bike Trail

  1. I used to know what that factory was – I seem to recall some sort of furniture . . . I’ll see if I can dig out the info. It is a gorgeous spot – the bike trail, IK mean!

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