Back Patio Plants (mostly herbs)


I’m back home…where we’ve been for close to a week since visiting Jason’s parents in Galveston.  Tomorrow we go visit with my parents for the Fourth.  In between, Jason’s had some time off, and this on and off vacation time makes trying to keep a schedule interesting.  I’m not complaining–perhaps it’s truer that I’m excusing the lack of activity here over the last week.


Life is good, though.  One of my favorite things over the past week has been getting to cook using the herbs that are growing in a tub and several pots on our back patio.  My father, the true green thumb of the family, continues to show his faith that I may, some day, manage to keep plants alive.  When he and my mother visited a couple weeks ago, they brought the herbs (and some succulents) with them.


herb tub

Pictured are: basil (three varieties, including Thai basil), cilantro, parsley, and lemon thyme, and a decorative “red spike” (what it said on the nursery tag).

parsley and cilantro

Honesty requires me to admit that I didn’t think to ask a neighbor to water the plants, so the cilantro and parsley died didn’t do so well.


Thankfully, the basil plants and lemon thyme made it (deeper root systems?), along with the succulents, and a small rosemary bush that we’ve had since the beginning of the summer.  I may be just a little obsessed this summer with how many recipes I can incorporate basil or rosemary into, though I still need to figure out what to use the lemon thyme in.

lemon thyme

I’m not sure why, but there’s something… simple? rustic? homey?… about snipping herbs off of a plant just outside the back door.

2 thoughts on “Back Patio Plants (mostly herbs)

  1. Make tea with your lemon thyme, or use it in a simple syrup to flavor lemonade. I have some of my own, so that’s the uses I’ve found so far 🙂

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