Travel Recap: Old Toledo (starting off)

And here continues a continuation of recaps from our winter trip to Spain. Someday (hopefully before a year passes), I’ll get to the end of them.  (Spring and summer have just been so distracting…)

Sandwiched between our two half-day excursions around Madrid was a full day that we spent in Toledo.  Thankfully, it was a beautiful mostly sunny day that allowed us to ramble around much of the old city center.  It’s such a fascinating place that, even though we only spent a day there, it’s going to take a few posts to truly convey a sense of the place.

We began by taking a train from Madrid that shot through the picturesque countryside until it arrived at Toledo’s train station.

1 low clouds

3 toledo train station3

From there, we got on a bus that took us past the newer developments and across the river to the old city of Toledo.

4 toledo

We began our explorations in the main square, the Plaza Zocodover.  Along the edges of the plaza (and throughout Toledo) were the mazapan shops that Toledo is famous for.  We admired the displays in the morning and bought some of the sweet treats to sample (and some to send back to a mazapan-loving uncle in Valencia) at the end of the day.

From the elaborate...

Our first “tourist goal” was to find Toledo’s cathedral.  Using a prettily drawn but not exactly easy to read map, and following other small groups of tourists finally brought us through winding streets to the cathedral.

With the cathedral ahead.

With the cathedral ahead.

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