Travel Recap: Toledo (Part 2)

Toledo seems to be full of buildings dedicated to worship.  Apart from the main cathedral, there are quite a few churches (some still worshipped in, others more like museums), and a synagogue.

21 cathedral tower_bw

Toledo’s cathedral was beautiful, but oh so chilly to walk through first thing on a January morning. Later, on a tour up to the bell tower, we were given a little bit of information about the meaning that guided the architecture.  One of the few things that I retained was that the three rings of spikes surrounding the spire represent the crown of thorns that was forced on Jesus’ head before the crucifixion.

On the aforementioned tour (which I would recommend should you visit), we passed through a cloister with a wall in which frescoes were being restored.

23 cathedral cloister area

32 gated door

Our way up from the cloister up to the bell tower also afforded some beautiful views: another perspective of the spire and out onto Toledo.


30 cathedral tower_view2

After a series of doorways and stairs, we arrived at the bell tower.  Following our time there, we were also shown the mechanism that operates the bells, like giant clockwork.

37 bell pulleys


Later in the day, we visited a Visigothic church turned museum (smaller, simpler–yet perhaps more beautiful and evocative on account of that)…

…and the synagogue in the Jewish quarter.

59 synagog3


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