Watching the Sun Set

“We’ll have lived here three months by the end of this month.”

That phrase has come out of my mouth three times already this weekend.  Once at dinner with new friends.  Once at Lowes (which I have visited more since we moved than during the rest of my entire life prior).  And once in answer to a utility sales man who opened his spiel with, “Are your parents home?”

We not only own a house.  We’ve owned it almost 3 months already.

Not an incredibly long time, but not “just moved in” either.  It’s long enough to have furniture fairly permanently situated throughout the house, long enough to have a remarkable amount of decoration up in the first floor, long enough for shopping at the “new” Meijer and Kroger to be relatively routine, and long enough to be entrenched in carpenter ant warfare. However–there are still photos, prints, and other sundry wall art leaning against baseboards and stacked on shelves (I’m making myself feel better by thinking of it as lending a “studio” feel to our home). And we’re still feeling our way out in a new church, away from the family of believers that we’ve been a part of for about four years.  And…

This weekend, however, a few things clicked into place that give me hope that this, too, will become home in the way that the Dayton area–particularly our Kettering duplex–was.  Three things, really: gathering with new friends, discovering a nearby park with (real! muddy! hilly! forest-y!) hiking trails, and (exciting for me–yes, you can laugh) finding out that I can get a library card from the Cincinnati library (which is connected to OhioLink!) and promptly requesting a new book. Between having a relaxing day with Jason, finding a place to hike nearby and getting the library thing resolved, Saturday was already a win in my book.  The fitting ending to the day, though, was watching the sunset progress as we sat on the back deck, waiting for our pork chops to grill.

evening light




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