Long Weekend with Christian (Cincy)

Our long weekend fun continued with a quick day trip to Over-the-Rhine (OTR) and the river-side areas of Cincinnati proper.  We stopped first at Washington Park, and went inside the Cincinnati Music Hall.


washington park view

music hall

music hall chandelier

row house

From there we walked through the unexpectedly ghetto-y stretch between the renovated park of OTR and Findlay Market.  I’ve got to admit that it made me a bit twitchy (though nothing happened), and therefore accounts for the lack of any photographs of our trip there.  I do wish I would have taken some pictures of the market, though, which was larger than I expected and had a lot of great offerings, including a small tea shop called Churchill’s (joy of joys!), from which I bought a delicious Paris-blend black tea.

Lunch was at Bakersfield (yum).

bakersfield guac

bakersfield tacos2


And then we went downtown, where we followed will-o-the-wisp signs for the (I believe) mythical $1 parking lots, and finally resigned ourselves to metered parking.  That being resolved, we climbed the Carew Tower for its view of Cincinnati, walked by the  Reds Stadium, and wandered along the river to the Roebling bridge.

cinci view1

roebling bridge view

cinci riverside view2

decorative gears

roebling bridge2

roebling bridge3

roebling bridge5_cinema

roebling bridge_bw

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